How To Balance Your Root Chakra

A healthy base chakra, or root chakra, is vital for keeping the body, mind and spirit grounded and allow for increased self-esteem within an individual. The base chakra (or Muldahara, which means “root” or “support” in Sanskrit) is located at the bottom of the spine near the coccyx (tail bone). Like the foundation of a large building a healthy base chakra is imperative to the support of the entire chakra system, and therefore the health of your whole body.

Energy flows from the earth through your feet, legs and into your base chakra before it can enter the rest of your energy centers, or chakras. The base chakra is all about being physically present and living in the moment. This is important because in order to be healthy in mind, body and spirit a person must maintain stability and flexibility in harmony with each other. In order to accomplish this harmony and increase our self-esteem we must first have a healthy root chakra.

To comprehend the true importance of a healthy base chakra one must understand the possible problems of an unhealthy, or under active, root chakra. An imbalance of this energy center can cause low self-esteem, self-pity, low energy or even paralyzing fears about finances and financial security.

Because the base chakra is the body’s “connection” with mother earth, a lack of “roots” may prevent a person from being able to move forward and create the life they both desire and deserve.
A healthy base chakra, one that is properly balanced, can increase your self-esteem, keep you mentally focused and allow you be more emotionally stable when life becomes difficult. In addition a healthy base chakra may help one connect with the physical world. Being well grounded and stable will also allow you to have an easier time being able to focus on what you truly want in your life. Knowing what you want in life is the first step to manifesting your dreams and ideas into physical reality.

A simple way to increase the health of your root chakra, or to keep it healthy, is with a few minutes of simple meditation. Find yourself a quiet spot where you can sit and be comfortable. On the grass or sand in a traditional lotus pose is great, but for most of us a nice chair is more practical and works just fine. If possible have bare feet with your feet touching the ground. Let your toes and the soles of your feet relax.

Clear your mind of all the “chatter” you can, but do not be discouraged if it does not disappear completely. Simply relax and breathe easy, not too fast and not too slow. Gently breathe in deep and feel the energy flow into your body from your feet, up your legs and through your base chakra.

Visualize your base chakra as a small bright red disk about the size of your fist spinning at the base of your coccyx. As you feel this energy enter, gently send away all outside thoughts and focus on your body. As you breathe in continue to imagine the energy flowing from the earth, through this “spinning red disk” and continue up your body.

Feel the energy flow up your body, expanding to all areas. Breathe in feeling the energy coming into your body, as you breathe out feel the energy permeate your entire body. With a little practice you will start to feel this energy not only in your body but In your being. Enjoy the calming feeling as you visualize this energy expanding throughout your body.

As you breathe in new energy allow the energy inside your body to flow out as you exhale each breath. As the “chatter” slows down (it may never completely leave for long), your body will feel both increased energy and relaxation at the same time. Embrace the MOMENT and enjoy!

This simple meditation technique can be done anywhere and can help calm and energize you at the same time.

In addition to this simple meditation technique there are aids available to increase the benefits of meditation and speed up results for everyone. Free online meditations can assist you in balancing the entire chakra system in one pleasant meditation. For those wanting to move forward at a rapid pace, after all this is the 21st century, the use of brainwave entrainment is scientifically proven to assist your brain in manifesting the good health and dreams you desire and deserve.

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