How to Balance Your Heart Chakra

Are you holding on to excessive emotional baggage and feel a pressing need to talk to someone about it? Are you suppressing any mental thoughts and emotions that seem to be literally congesting your heart? Do you always feel the rejected and unloved by the people around you? Then you are an utter example of someone with imbalanced heart chakra. This energy center is one of the most essential chakras as it is the primary controller of emotions. Truth be told, our energy center experiences some imbalances when we go through some severely emotional incidents within our lives. Most definitely, this is the ultimate cause of heart chakra imbalance, and if you look carefully, this imbalance is a result of some previous emotional situation.

The question still remains: how do you balance your heart chakra? Lucky enough, there are some renowned yoga practices that cleanse and balance. First, you have to sit cross legged on a yoga mat, letting the tip of your thumb and index fingers touch. Be careful to keep your left hand on top of your left knee and your right hand right in front of the lower breast bone. In that relaxed pose, you can chant “Aum” while concentrating entirely on your heart chakra. Alternatively, you can hold your ankles in your hands in the above posture, slowly bending your whole back muscles backwards and forwards. Ensure you pay uttermost attention to your heart sacra while doing the above exercise, always exhaling deeply to release all the negative tension.

The other yoga exercise would be to bend backwards and forwards with your lower legs tucked under your thighs. While performing this yoga exercise, ensure your hands are on your knees and your buttocks are tightly fixed on your heels. There are balancing exercises that can be done while standing. One of these simple exercises requires that you stand with your feet utterly straight, shoulder width apart. Ensure you don’t lock your knees; just maintain a relaxed standing posture that will allow energy to stimulate your heart chakra. Maintaining that same pose, you can walk in place, focusing your emotions and energy.

Alternatively, you can stretch your arms gently in distinct sides, one up and the other down. The lower hand should have its palm facing downwards while the upper hand’s palm should face downwards. Maintain this yoga posture for five seconds before you change the palm positions. Ensure you incorporate one or two of these heart chakra exercises one to four times a day, each time repeating the given attention, focus and exercise as desired. More importantly, you must always be in a relaxed mode, always ready to let go of negative tension and emotional baggage. Balancing this center is all about letting go of the undesirable emotions and tension. Utilize the above yoga exercises to balance your heart chakra, and you will begin to see the beauty of your physical and emotional self, and those of other individuals.

Unfortunately, it has been noted that this is one of the hardest energy centers to really balance and fortunately there are skilled psychic readers and energy healers are able to provide assistance in chakra balancing, aura cleansing and other techniques to assist obtaining perfect alignment. Since we are emotional creatures it is imperative that we maintain a level of receptivity to positive energy and forces within the universe and coaching and resources are plentiful online.

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