How Chakra Work Can Increase Your Spiritual Awareness

We have many chakras within us and within any living thing. For the purpose of this article we are going to touch on the main chakras.

Your spirit is made up of 7 data banks which are more technically advanced than anything created on earth by our scientists. These 7 data banks are often referred to as the 7 main chakras which you can begin working on within your own body over the next few weeks.

The chakras are like coloured wheels of energy starting from the base and working up the spine to the top of your head. Each wheel circulates in a clockwise motion like blades of a fan and pushes energy up to the next chakra. This process continues up your body to create a complete circuit of power within you. When one chakra becomes atrophied or small, or blocked or dull it blocks or hinders the energy force from circulating fully within you. This can be compared to a blocked sink drain causing water to become trapped, which then gets stagnant and cannot flow freely away.

The information stored in the chakras (databanks) includes past and current experiences, decisions, beliefs, feelings, thoughts and actions. Every time you face a situation whether major or minor and have a thought, feeling or action based around it has an effect on your spirit system (chakras). The effect will be one of two responses:

  • Positive – If you have responded in accordance with your truths and learning’s then you get a piece of spirit return to strengthen your system.
  • Negative – If your response has been against our basic truths and actions then we loose a bit of our spirit which can result in a power loss, dysfunction, feeling a power loss, or reduced health system.

If you could see every time you make a decision that caused you to loose a piece of your spirit – from one of your chakras do you think this would cause you to re-consider how you react to many things that occur on a daily basis? A spiritual intuitive can see this transfer of energy and through their willingness to share their experience we are now able to learn about it.

Does this mean being spiritually aware we will never experience bad things again?

Unfortunately this is not so. The reason I say this is because the intention of living your life being more spiritually aware or enlightened is not to make us impervious to anything challenging or difficult in our lives but to become aware or conscious of our power and how to use that power. Some situations in life we just cannot explain however one way to look at lifes “surprises” is that it is an opportunity to either lose power or gain power based on how we react to the situation. If we then look at each level of our energy system and the underlying truths related to that level we can usually look objectively to see what may be the underlying truth related to that situation.

Becoming conscious requires stamina – it is challenging and sometimes painful or uncomfortable to analyse ones inner beliefs and consciously unplug from those beliefs that no longer serve us positively.

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